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Landscape Depressions

Janis Rafa, Greece/Netherlands


A fictional and poetic interpretation on the notion of coexistence between local communities and farm animals in a moment in which humanity is in danger to be revenged by nature itself.


Born in Athens, Greece in 1984. She lives in Amsterdam and Athens. Visual artist working with various materials, she issued her first short feature in 2012 with Exit K1, nominated in 2013 for Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, and then produced Requiem for a Shipwreck, presented at the 2015 International Film Festival of Rotterdam. In this same festival, she won the KNF Award (Dutch Film Journalists) for her first long feature, Kala azar in 2020, which won other awards in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, the Netherlands, and in many more festivals across the world.

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