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The Film Project


Cinema is perhaps the most effective and relevant medium for communicating messages in a universal language. Artists – particularly filmmakers – are increasingly asked to bring their experience to the service of communities whose collective heritage forms the basis of understanding common issues facing the planet and its future generations.

The short films (maximum 6’ - 8’ each) illustrates the pressing needs of wildlife in diverse bio-geographical and marine regions, as well as the capacity for adaptation that species must develop in order to survive. For example, through agricultural activities or their abandonment, or in urban expansion, with cities housing a surprising range of species that often thrive among us without our knowledge such as the hidden world of insects. Biodiversity and complex ecosystems are threatened by the imbalance and environmental disruption engendered by humans. However, humans and wildlife are interdependent. The aim of this film project is to envisage possibilities for a more sustainable relationship between Man, Animal and our Planet.

ART for The World, with INTERACTIONS, is proving once more that the arts can have an impact for raising awareness, empowering spectators to take matters into their own hands.

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