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World Premiere at the International Film Fest/Festa del Cinema, Roma

The World Premiere of INTERACTIONS will take place on October 17 at 9pm at at the Rome International Film Festival.

In this phase, the attention of the influential opinion-makers and media will be sought in order to prepare for passage to the next phase of the distribution. A minimum of 20 International Film Festivals will follow, with several screenings by at least 5,000 multipliers from the film industry.

Distribution 2023

Its distribution will start in January 2023 along all the year and more.


INTERACTIONS will participate to International Festivals in Europe, in Asia, in Australia and in the USA and Latino America. Special Events, Educational Programs will be organized in distributing the movie in universities, schools, NGO networks, museums, cultural institutions, and social media, together with supporting workshops, dialogues, and educational activities in order to underline the causes and effects of Climate Change with the aim to propose actions and solutions.


A general audience of any age or cultural background is the target audience. For this reason, television is the principal hinge of the distribution strategy for reaching millions of viewers globally. Television is the only channel with the scope to reach the entire world of public opinion. Broadcasts will include both public and private TV channels. The number of viewers depends on the degree of coverage of single television stations, their current programming (repetitions, time of day, screening of single films and/or long feature films etc.) and the availability of televisions for target groups and final beneficiaries.


In parallel to the above described first phase in 2021 and the production in 2022, the distribution of the film will start on a global scale in 2023. The patrons, partners, sponsors and co-producers of the film anthology will receive all necessary copyrights to continue the distribution strategy individually. They will be able to introduce the films to their own networks in education and other awareness-raising projects.

Estimated Results

The high visibility of these short films can induce multiplying effects, positioning INTERACTIONS as an example for cooperation and awareness in the field of Climate Change’s education, Conservation of Nature and Biological Diversity with an estimated global reach of 300,000,000 viewers by 2023.

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